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MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #1: DAVID VS. GOLIATH is a "new twist on the Old Testament" coming soon from JMG Comics. The 32-page, full color comic is filled with action-packed mecha-manga art and adventure-filled tales from the Old Testament, plus bonus back-up features by fan-favorite artist, Dean Rankine! And it's all for just $2.25! The characters, stories and themes remain the same. Only the setting has changed - to a futuristic world of robots, aliens and advanced technology! Be sure to reserve your copy today!
Why the title?

1.) It's filled with MECHA (armor-clad robots)!

2.) It's drawn in an action-packed MANGA style!

3.) It stars HEROES from the BIBLE!

4.) The catchy name MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES has four words and eight syllables - just like TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!


Meet our creative team:

SCRIPTS: Tom Hall (King, Robot 13) and Joey Endres (Megazeen)

PENCILS & INKS: Thom "Kneon Tranistt" Pratt (Disney)

COLORS & LETTERS: Daniel Bradford (King, Robot 13)

COVER PAINTER: All our covers are beautifully painted by soon-to-be-fan-fave Jeff Slemons! Jeff has done wonderful work for advertising and comics - check out more of his amazing work at Jeff Slemons.

MANAGING EDITOR: Veteran comics writer and editor Paul Castiglia (Archie, DC, Dark Horse, Antarctic Pres, Cracked Magazine, etc.)

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: John-Marc Grob (Marvel, Warner Brothers, Disney, Gospel Light, Shelcore Toys, etc. Owner-producer of FriendFish and various animation projects)


If you think this comic book is exciting, check out the real story in the Holy Bible! You'll find it in the book of 1 Samuel, Chapter 17, verses 1-58.


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